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les simmonds and associates services

Les Simmonds and Associates (LSA) is an independent CCTV consultancy, CCTV technical adviser and CCTV testing specialist.

cctv consultancy and technical advice

CCTV consultancy and technical advice include the following services:

  • Development of client requirements.
  • Detailed CCTV design.
  • CCTV specification documentation.
  • CAD drawings.
  • Detailed project time lines.
  • Coordination with other services.
  • Tender package documentation.
  • Tender issue.
  • Tender evaluation services.
  • Works in progress inspections.
  • Final inspections and reports.
  • Training coordination.
  • Procedure implementation.
  • Technical Witness.

cctv camera, equipment and system testing

CCTV testing services using state-of-the-art Tektronix test equipment for testing to relevant and recognised standards and include the following services:

  • Detailed objective CCTV camera testing.
  • Detailed objective digital or analogue CCTV equipment testing.
  • Detailed CCTV camera and equipment testing prior to, and during, a tender process.
  • Detailed CCTV camera, equipment and system testing during the commissioning and testing process.
  • Detailed CCTV system testing and reports for end users and consultants who do not have the necessary test equipment to correctly evaluate CCTV system performance.